Notion of entrepreneurship has been changing to Minorpreneurship!

Get on this ship to be one of Minorpreneurs to change the world

Be a Minorpreneur & start to change your own world then the whole world!

Discover Your Unique Potential!

Discovering the potential of a person is the most important step to make his/her dream real!

Education Systems do not consider the people, they focus on the modules of education. However it is not about the modules, it is about the people!

As Minorpreneurs, we focus on people! Every person have an unique potential to be discovered. Every human being has different learning abilities and perceives the world differently. For these reason as Minorpreneurs, we focus on people. We rebuild our training modules according to the learning skills of our students!

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Steps of Minorpreneurs

We take these steps together with our students. After all the process we still continue to hold hand of our students to change the world together!

Considering the Differencies

Every person has a different characteristic specialities & potentials. We focus them to discover them firstly!

Remodeling the Education System

We recreate & remodel our all system considering through potentials & learning styles of a person.

Learning How to Learn

We do not try to teach anything to our students. We give the skill of learning how to learn anything by theirselves.

Creating Teams

Our special artificial intelligence make teams from students through their specialities that they can be much more successful

Start a Startup

Created teams by artificial intelligence start to build a based on their own problems.

Changing the World!

Founded startups by perfect matched teams accelerate with us their business and start to change the world!

Power of Minorpreneurs

We are really strong with our mentors! Join us be one of our dream partner and change the world with us together!

428 Years Experience

Our Mentors' overall total experiences in their lives!

Look our Team!

12 Billion+ $

Our mentors have managed totally over 12 Billion $ budget until now!

Look the Companies!

38 Different Countries!

Our mentors have had experiences all over the world!

Look our team!

4300+ Hours Mentoring

Our mentors have had over 3400 hours mentoring experience!

Join Our Startup Family!

Minorpreneurs' Vision

One of our most inspiring mentors, Igor Beuker, tells you in this video an explanation that is exactly our vision.

We set out to change this world. But it is very difficult to change the world by ourselves. We are just bunch of people. However when you can raise a generation to change the future, then the world will change.

Minorpreneurs have been doing it exactly! We have been reaching rural areas to educate beautiful childrens who could not have enough inspiration to make their lives much much better.

Join us to change the world together!

Thanks to Minorpreneurs...

Our some of students have completed these sentence.

Thanks to Minorpreneurs, my life has changed totally. Being a high school student was really tough however there is Minorpreneurs to hold my hand to change my life. Now I see the world much more different. I believe that I can change the world and I will!

Alp Onur, USA

Thanks to Minorpreneurs, I've jumped to startup life! With their advices I've won 50+ prices worldwide. I've learnt the almost all tricks to be successful thanks to them!

Alptekin Can, Türkiye

Thanks to Minorpreneurs, my startup life has been going perfect! Our startup Gamers of Future have achieved lots of successes and it will continue to win. Thanks to Minorpreneurs, I know, I can change the world and I will!

Bora Çıbıkçı, USA

Thanks to Minorpreneurs, I've learnt how to enlarge my network and how to continue to be connected strongly with people. I've learnt that network is almost everything about business. Thanks Minorpreneurs!

İlayda Büyükdoğan, Denmark

Minorpreneurs are at Companies!

As Minorpreneurs, we have been working with the most powerful companies & foundations around the world to make the world a much better place!

Minorpreneurs are at Schools!

As Minorpreneurs, we have been raising a generation at the schools to make the world a much better place!

Minorpreneurs and its students are one as the world has to be! We are the Minorpreneurs Together!

As a startup education company who discovering potential of students we act with our students who wants to change the world. We learn together with our students. We learn from failures together and jump together to new adventures to be successful with our learned experiences. We test our MVPs with the exact potential customers together.

We are one together as the world has to be! We are Minorpreneurs!

  • Act Fast & Learn Fast
  • Test Your MVP with Worldwide Companies
  • Get the Right Mentorship as Your Needs
  • Think Big & Start Small
  • Discover Your Potential
  • Trust & Believe Yourselves

See the Advantages if You Join the Family!

Startups of Minorpreneurs

Students of Minorpreneurs has been achieving lots of success worldwide!

See the Advantages if You Join the Family!

Student of Minorpreneurs are at Universities!

Our precious students have got scholarships from these worldwide universities. Congrats them!

Students of Minorpreneurs are in the News!

Students of Minorpreneurs have achieved lots of success and got in the news!

Be the One of the Crazy Ones!

MinorEdu has its own artificial intelligence to remembered you how do you learn anything with your own before when you have not meet the education systems. When you were unaware of what the educational system was, you learned almost everything as a child with a way of learning that you created. Now be ready to learn how to learn. We will change your future and shape it however you want to see together! Together, we will explore our potential,we will learn what we have to learn and what we want to learn then we create our future as we wish!