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Find your passion!|Validate your idea!|Believe yourself!|Work really hard!|& Change the World!

We will help you to find out what will make you happy in this world!

Minorpreneurs has been raising young ones up to 25 aged as a tenacious entrepreneurs of the future to make huge differences on their life & change the world with them!

We have been coding a platform day & night called Minoredu, which has a blockchain-based artificial intelligence that find out your learning ability and skills & re-model, personalize our entrepreneurship education models for you. Join the MinorEdu platform & take the first step to becoming one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs!

Join MinorEdu to become one of the most successful entrepreneur in the world!

Children Who Enlighten Our Future

Minorpreneurs have been taking their education modules to children in rural schools who have difficulty reaching qualified education. It is our greatest dream to make our world much more livable. It's hard to change the world alone. But by raising a generation that will change the world, we can save this dream as a dream. Join Us, be our dream partner & change the world together!

Huge thanks to CISCO, our dream partner in this dream.

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Minorpreneurs Team

We have been making a future where the point of education is not to prepare children for another useless job but for a life well lived!

"Train the young ones. Give them the positive ideas of knowledge and wisdom. You will enlighten our future with them"

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Founder of Republic of Türkiye

We are Minorpreneurs!

We Change the Future Together with Our Students! Some of startups of our World Changers! Project Management Tool

Atina is the best way to manage a project. You can see the big picture, manage your team, customize it as you want and track every step in the simplest way possible.

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Adverport.Youtuber-Advertiser Marketplace

Make your youtuber dreams come true with Adverport platform. Deal with advertiser on the platform & earn money because of Adverport!

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Armada BattleOnline Pirate Browser Game

Build your sea army. Be a pirate & unleash your all crew to discover the world of armada battle. Make your armada the best one!

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CobotionYou are not alone in Bitcoin World

Cobotion is an algorithm that make the best cryptocurrency choices for you to follow & buy! Join the Cobotion World to earn much more crypto money.

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CompocketMaking huge electronics portable.

Compocket is a hardware- software project that aims to provide a more efficient measurement experience by making the measurement instruments computer based and mobile compatible.

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Gamers of FutureEsport Team

Counter Strire:Global Offense, League of Legends, Player Unknown's Battleground and much more, one of fellows of Minorpreneurs, Lookater and Minorpreneurs himself has made a esport team under 18!

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Fikir AtölyeFind an investment for your startup

Fikir Atolye (Idea Workshop) has been finding investments to startups that make the ecosystem much bigger & efficient

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LookaterMaking your startup much cooler

Lookater is a startup team to make all startups more sustainable which is under 18 years old! Join the Lookater team to make the young ones much sustainable

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PIRAModular Educational Drones

PIRA (PI-RA) is helping K12 to disvoer the world of drones. With these drones you can dream whatever you dream too & make them real!

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RushSocial platform for Gamers

If you are a gamer, you come to right place! If you one of the gamer who search a friend play like your stats here is the RUSH!

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Roast LabsMaking dreams of kids come true

At Roast Labs, you can make your dreams come true & helping tons of people about your specilities! Join Roast Lab team as a life changer!

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YemexpressOrder your meal before you arrive!

You can order your meal with yemexpress when you are on the road to the restaurant & when you reach, your meal is ready for you!

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BullboardFind an billboard & earn gifts

You can reach billboards that attract your attention your interest with BullBoard. You can earn wonderful gifts by completing very easy and short surveys!

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InturnConnects companies and young people under 18 aged.

If you are a high school student & get to know what is the business life, this the platform you can find out!

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FlowmagicVery simple payment and time tracking tool.

Flowmagic is the best way for freelancers to keep track of their work and time. Workflow, time tracking, invoices in one place.

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