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Children Who Will Enlighten Our Future!

We started this project in order to maximize the quality of education of children living in rural areas. Because we did not want these children's future dreams to be limited in these rural areas. Years ago, we as co-founders of Minorpreneurs had lived with our more talented and intelligent friends than us in rural areas. But unfortunately, such talented and intelligent children are being wasted in those regions. Our belief that they should run after much bigger dreams has led us to realize this project.


In Rural Areas We Have 860 Million Children!

According to UNESCO & WorldBank, 690 million children living in rural areas unfortunately do not have enough quality education, while 260 million children cannot go to school.

According to WorldBank, %45 of the world population is living in rural areas! Almost half of us living in the rural areas and unfortunately %72 of them can not earn enough to live with their families.

Over 230 Million Young People Does Not Do Anything!

According to OECD, aaproxiametly %17 of youth is not in employment, education or training and this percentage is 230 million people! All around the world 230 milllion young people (18-29 ages) have not been doing anything in their lives. In the other hand young people who have enough education level does not get any approval from companies in their countries because of their less experiences about business life.


11% of Young People Make 7.2 Trillion Dollars in a Year ! Imagine the Potential All of Them!

Beside that facts according to Financial Times, Bureau of Labor Statistics of United States & Oxford University those beautiful youth ones who can goes another countries as an immigrant because of they could not get an approval from any company and they achieve lots of success on those countries! On average, 9 percent of economy of the world comes from these immigrant youth! Also these are the %17 of youth who can make it to go another country! It means approximately 7.2 Trillion Dollars comes from these immagrants yearly!

Children Who Will Enlighten Our Future!

Imagine almost every young people does not need to go another country to work and they can get enough skills to make it possible to create his/her job and those jobs can make a difference about problems of our world! We can make this 7.2 Trillion dollars over 100 Trillion dollars yearly! This will certainly make the world a much better place in every sense. We believe that and working for that to CHANGE THE WORLD!


We Teach Our Beautiful Children UNDP Sustainable Development Goals!

We know that there are lots of problems to solve them. However we can solve them by raising kids who have enough courage to make his/her dreams and find solutions for these problems. For these reason we teach our beautiful children problems of our world. And together we try to find solutions! United Nations Development Programme shows us the way we have to go.

Minorpreneurs Work to Develop Education and Grow the Economy of the World!

Minorpreneurs have been working to develop quality education systems considering the every potential in every child and reach it to almost all around the world especially in rural areas. We know and believe that if education system can change every child can see the world different and create lots of solutions for the world. They will be our future and they will change their future. Through the agency of these education systems lots of children who raise with them can start a startup to change the dynamics of economy of our world. They can create millions job opportunity for us! Let's change the world together!

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